A year in Europe followed by a move to Bangkok

Barrio Salamanca



I fell in love with Madrid's Barrio (neighborhood) Salamanca.  This is a grand and opulent area that borders the northern edge of the Retiro park.  Here you will find a treasure trove of interesting boutiques, many showcasing Spanish designers, along with the street Ortega y Gassett, Madrid's version of "Rodeo Drive".  The neighborhood also houses the Archaeological museum, which was  recently redone and is quite impressive.  The architecture alone is worth spending an afternoon admiring, and walking the streets can be a bit like observing a fashion show. The residents are impeccably dressed, and don't get me started on how beautifully they dress their children.  I have heard this neighborhood compared to both London's Kensington and NYC's Upper East Side.  While similarly upscale, Barrio Salamanca has an elegance and energy that is all Madrid.

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