A year in Europe followed by a move to Bangkok

48 Hours in Madrid - Day 2

I began day two by impressing Jake with my knowledge of Madrid's subway system, the Metro. I proudly showed him how to use the ticket machine, get his ticket stamped, and find the right train. Madrid's Metro system is pretty easy to use, however my biggest challenge was finding my way out of the stations.  Some are many stories underground.  At the height of my confusion, I exited a subway car, followed the signs to the exit, walked about 15 minutes through the station, and ended up right where I started.  Twice.  I made it out on my third try. The second time I went to this station, I made it out on my second try.  Progress!  However on this day with Jake, we got off at the Opera stop which didn't even pose a challenge.  I spotted that exit from a mile away.  Off to a good start.

First stop: the Royal Palace (or in Spanish, the Palacio Real).