A year in Europe followed by a move to Bangkok

Provence: Cotignac, France

I thought of three alternative titles for this post:  "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", "It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of Times", or "All that Glitters is not Gold."  Perhaps this offers a glimpse into my feelings about Cotignac, a picturesque Provincial village tucked in the south eastern corner of France.  I spent just under two months in Cotignac (Jake was with me for about half that time).  While I treasure my gorgeous photos of one of the most beautiful villages in France, I take comfort in the fact that I never have to go back...

San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is a city of contradictions.  Sophisticated yet laid back, grand yet intimate, upscale yet unpretentious, traditional yet innovative.  San Sebastian is also one of those rare cities blessed with both natural and man made beauty, creating a stunning synergy. While the beach beckons, the true star of the show is the food.   
Around Town
The promenade along La Concha (shell) beach is charming.  There is something about a beach plopped down in the center of a city that brings with it a unique energy.  Notice the statue (of Jesus) on the hilltop.  We hiked toward this statue, but never quite saw Jesus (walking uphill is hard!) although we did see some magnificent views of the city and ocean.