A year in Europe followed by a move to Bangkok

Deauville, France

With Deauville's fabled history filled with movie stars and royalty and its reputation as a playground for France's elite, I was expecting the snooty factor to be off the charts. Instead, I found Deauville to be welcoming and a lot of fun.  Deauville came off as an almost impossibly chic seaside town brimming with pride. From the manicured gardens to the beautifully kept historic buildings and clean streets, the town of Deauville takes obvious care to ensure that its past glories continue into the future.

Burgundy: Beaune, France

Beaune was the perfect halfway point to spend the weekend during our drive from Provence to Normandy. Located in the eastern part of central France about 30 miles south of Dijon, Beaune is the wine capital of the Burgundy region and a quintessential French town. Jake said that before he visited France, this is what he pictured it to be like.  It reminded me of the French village in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.